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why any compromise could still be a long ways off. ♪ i couldn't sleep at all last night ♪ >> big changes to popular sleeping pills could mean changes toes toin' and turnin'. i dropped the g on purpose. there's your live look outside. not a bad start to the day. looks like a great weekend is on the way. we'll tell you about that in a couple of moments. this is friday, january 11th, 2013. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. tony, i'm so happy you're back. >> thank you very much. >> i really am. tucker barnes has a look at what should be a pretty good forecast. not as warm as we wanted it, right? >> no, we're on track. >> 70 sunday? >> mid- to upper 60s sunday. we have to temper expectations aittle bit. >> that's all i'm saying. >> let's get started with today
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first. cool out there. 30s to start your morning. dulles 33 now. bwi marshall 36. reagan national 39. live shot, the cloud cover, it will be increasing in the morning hours and eventually rain showers i think by afternoon as we watch this area of storminess. most of the action will stay to our west. with a warm front sliding through later this afternoon and tonight we'll see a period of showers around here between 2:00 this afternoon and 8:00, 10:00 tonight i think the timing on it. some fog will develop late tonight as we start to get that warmer air in here. as far as the weekend is concerned, still talking about spring time temperatures both saturday and sunday. here's your forecast for friday, highs about 50 degrees, with rain showers developing by early afternoon. let's do traffic. julie wright has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. we had problems early on eastbound on 50 at 197.
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accident cleared. lanes are open, no accidents to report, just volume delays from the church road overpass to 495. let's continue with our maps. southbound kenilworth avenue approaching pennsylvania avenue, crash in the left lane. heads up traveling south from the d.c. line. ddot arrived at the seen at the bridge crash, and lanes are open again. outer loop slow 95 to georgia with a wreck in the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. flu season is spreading across the country, and it's doing so fast, too. more than 40 states reported widespread flu activity, including maryland and virginia. that map could change today when the cdc releases the latest outbreak numbers. now the rush is on to get a flu shot. some pharmacies and doctor's offices are running out. good news is many of them will be receiving more vaccines within the next few days.
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sherri ly is live at washington hospital center with the latest. sherri? >> reporter: allison, the new numbers expected today from the cdc are only expected to add to what are frightening numbers of cases so far. here in d.c. they are swamped. they've had more than 300 confirmed flu cases so far this year. that's triple from last season. maryland and virginia seeing widespread levels and that's caused a run on the vaccine. doctor's offices, clinics and pharmacies are running short. some don't have any vaccine at all. cases began showing up in the area in october, and now the flu is spreading fast. people are trying to find the vaccine any way they can. sometimes going to three or four places to find it. some of the health care providers tell us they are expecting more vaccine in the next few days, but others aren't sure if they can get more at all. >> we have run out. we ordered a little more than
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usual this year. about 12 to 1300 doses. expecting it was going to be a rough year since last year was so mild and we ran out about a week ago. >> reporter: one of the biggest parts of that problem is more than 128 million doses of vaccine have already been distributed nationwide. that is 95% of the supply. in places without the vaccine they're telling people just to keep checking back. even if you do get the vaccine, here's one thing to remember, it takes two weeks for your body to build up the immunity. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. other big story, a possible plea in the colorado movie theater shooting. today accused killer james holmes will be back in court for an arraignment. yesterday a judge decided there was enough evidence for him to stand trial for the murder of
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12 people. holmes faces more than 160 felony carges. the defense doesn't want him to enter a plea today but won't say why. they filed papers yesterday asking for a delay. less than a month after the connecticut school shooting there was another one in california yesterday. >> the california shooting happened as the vice president met with the nra at the white house as part of his gun task force. >> a teacher at that high school is being called a hero to convince the 16-year-old shooter to put down the gun. it happened a couple of hours north of los angeles. a neighbor noticed the boy walking into the school and called 911. the boy shot one classmate, and missed another before the teacher talked him down. that teacher actually got hit in the head with one of the pellets. police arrested him. he apparently stole the shotgun
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from his brother and reportedly was suspended last year for making a hit list of targets. there is supposed to be an armed guard at the school, but he was late after getting stuck in the snow. to the vice president's gun task force, later today he's meeting with video game executives. yesterday he met with the nra and that didn't go so well. the gun lobby blasted biden saying it will defend second amendment rights to own guns. biden confirmed he won't wait until the end of the month and wants background checks for every gun purchased without exception. >> universal background checks. not just close the gun show loophole, but total universal background checks, including private sales. >> biden also mentioned a limit on high capacity magazines as a potential way to prevent gun violence. he says he will have his recommendations to president obama by tuesday. meanwhile, a new poll finds that people in virginia
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overwhelmingly support background checks and armed police at schools. that's the latest on the gun control debates. allison, back to you. >> wisdom, thank you. just into the fox 5 newsroom, the government is launching a full review of the new boeing jet, the 787 dreamliner, but there's a problem. this week there were fires and fuel leaks on several dreamliners and now the federal aviation administration, the faa, says it's ordering a review of the plane's critical systems. after a few days focused on domestic affairs the president turns his attention to afghanistan. he'll sit down with afghan president karzai and likely will discuss the future of u.s. involvement there. u.s. troops are supposed to withdraw next year, but how many, if any, will stay behind
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is up in the air. meanwhile, secretary panetta wants the pentagon to prepare for cut backs. he has launched steps to free civilian hiring, delay contract awards and curtail some maintenance. he's also asked department officials to begin planning for unpaid furloughs. his plan supposedly minimizes the impact on military readiness. if congress can't reach a deal by march, the pentagon's budget will be slashed by more than $100 million. police need your help finding this man, but anyone who comes in contact with him needs to use caution. he escaped from the hospital in montgomery county last night.
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he's paranoid, suicidal and has a history of violence they say. in the meantime, ex-marine will be back in court today to learn his punishment. he pleaded guilty to the shootings last year. under the deal he agreed to, he faces 25 years in prison. but government doctors recently diagnosed the 25-year-old with schizophrenia. his new lawyers say a judge needs to review the plea and the sentence. if the d.c. council has its way, the presidential limo will look different during the president's second term. in particular, we're talking about the license plates. today two members of the council will deliver taxation without representation tags to the white house. they're asking the president to use them as a show of support. so far, president clinton is the only commander-in-chief who has used those tags. meanwhile, the georgia
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pastor has pulled out of the inauguration ceremony. this comes amid criticism from gay rights groups over a sermon he delivered 20 years ago condemning homosexuality. he said he withdraw because his prayer would have been a distraction. now the former governor is virginia's newest senator. he joins us live. >> practicing for the inaugural parade. we're going live to joint base andrews to see how they get ready for the big event. >> but first, the blame game. a new report says a local 911 outage after the derecho could have been avoided. >> and as we take you to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather
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and traffic from tucker and julie. tucker have to apologize for anything? >> uh-uh. >> right. >> misunderstanding with the calendar and mother nature. >> so smart. share everything.
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a new report by the federal communications commission calls the 911 system failures during last year's storms preventable and unacceptable. >> they've outlined new rules to improve the reliability of the hot line. during the storm, 77 emergency call centers serving millions of people in six states lost their phone connection. virginia was one of the states hit the hardest with most of its call centers going through partial or complete outages for days. the fcc says it all could have been avoided if verizon had used better practices. verizon says it's already taken the necessary steps to ensure
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that doesn't happen again. that would be a good move. >> yes, it would be a very good move. we all agree on that. tucker barnes is here. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> yeah, welcome back. >> good to have tony back. >> love having tony back. >> yeah. because i understand while i was gone y'all were making fun of me for being out sick. >> no. at first it seemed funny. then as the days went on we knew it was very serious. >> okay. >> it was no longer funny after like day three. >> day three. >> we're like, maybe we need to visit him. >> next time i'll come in when i'm fully sick and see if you enjoy that. >> he would update me every day on his condition. i enjoyed that. >> it was hourly. >> it wasn't hourly. >> if i did anything to offend you, i'm sorry. >> i'm getting letters from people. >> it's really a tale of two different air masses here. eastern half of the country going to be enjoying -- excuse
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me, i'm going to choke up here -- warm temperatures. 63 in atlanta now. 63 in nashville. 39 in washington. the warmer temperatures headed in our direction. then you get out west and here comes the cold. they're talking about potential for freezing conditions all the way down into the los angeles basin, towards san diego, denver, they're concerned about the crops out there in the central valley california as temperatures overnight expected to be in the 20s for the next couple of mornings to the west. that's where all the cold will be this weekend. meanwhile, we'll be enjoying unseasonable warm as this high pressure allows a southerly push of air tonight and tomorrow. we're clouding up. you can see showers to the west. scattered showers in here later this afternoon. not going to rain all day, but a period of rain showers around i'd say starting 1:00, 2:00 today through the rush hour and
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winding down 9:00, 10:00 tonight. fog tonight. and for the weekend we'll warm up. upper 50s to near 60 tomorrow. partial sunshine in the afternoon. sunday the better of the two days temperature-wise. mid- to upper 60s. we'll cool it down by the middle of next week. several days of very mild temperatures before the cooldown. >> thanks, tuck. >> thank you. let's go to julie wright. she's got the latest on your on- time traffic. >> for the record, i did not make fun of you. >> thank you. the reports i'm getting from viewers, it was allison and tucker specifically. >> i just asked for your parking spot. >> boy. i wasn't that sick. >> move your feet, you lose your seat. [ laughter ] >> southbound kenilworth avenue, pennsylvania avenue for the accident. left side is blocked off. queens chapel dealing with a water main break. repairs are ongoing. 50 the accident at 197 cleared.
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traffic slows leaving 410 river dale heading to the northeast. lanes are open traveling the outer loop of the beltway trying to get past georgia avenue. earlier incident has cleared. checking for accident activity, i think up the roadway headed to germantown. 117 the long draft. westbound lanes remain closed at this time. traveling west on 66, lanes open. below speed in manassas and leaving fair oaks to 123 with an incident on the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. they have taken part in 15 inaugural parades. now the u.s. air force band and honor guard is getting ready for the next one. joining us live from joint base andrews is chief master sergeant jennifer pinard. she is the chief of marketing and outreach for the united states outreach band. good morning. and tell us what's going on out
7:19 am
there. >> we're rehearsing for this little thing called the inaugural parade, it will be happening next week. we have the air force band and honor guard, around 230 members rehearsing here at a hangar at joint base andrews. >> tell me about what goes into these rehearsals. we're 10 days away. do you rehearse every day between now and then? >> pretty much we're going to be rehearsing different components every day. we're bringing in some people who aren't here this morning to rehearse this weekend, and then they'll all combine next week to get everybody stepping in the right step and playing the right notes and showing the perfection that is the united states air force. >> and i know the air force takes great pride in the performance of the band and the honor guard. give us a sense of how many
7:20 am
participants there. >> sure. in this contingent behind me, 230 members, total there will be a thousand air force members doing different things throughout the parade. >> right now it look like the weather will be colder than what it is now. we don't know how cold yet. but how do you prepare if it's really, really cold, how do you all prepare for that? does it affect what you do in any way? >> our guys are used to performing in cold. they perform at arlington national cemetery year-round. and so many of them are used to it, marching and performing, rendering honors to our fallen heros. one unique thing that the band, how they prepare is with the brass instruments, they have to use plastic mouth pieces, because the brass mouth pieces would freeze to their lips in freezing temperatures. that's kind of a unique thing that they do. and lots of layers. >> as well what everyone else
7:21 am
will be doing when they head out there. tell me a little bit about the history of the band over the years and the involvement in the inaugural parade. >> sure. this is our 16th inaugural parade. we have some members who have marched, this will be their seventh parade. so we've got a long history of representing the air force in this inaugural parade. the united states air force band has been in existence, predates the air force back to the army air corps days. we have a rich history of representing not only inaugural parades, but throughout the country and the world. >> they were all there behind you just a couple of moments ago. i don't know if it was something we said that caused them to leave. we hope the rehearsals continue to go well. we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us about it. we'll see you on the 21st. >> all right, thanks a lot.
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bye-bye. >> thank you. bye. >> they never disappoint. >> they do not. it is now 7:21. it's a friday morning. coming up next, no rest for the weary. why the fda wants to change the way sleeping pills work. >> and later, fashion worthy out of a presidential party, without the price tag. holly is live at a popup shop in northwest with all the details. it's 7:22. 
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in an effort to stop the abuse of sleeping pills, the fda has ordered the makers of drugs like am bee yen to cut the dose in half. according to the cdc, 70
7:26 am
million americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. annual gas bills will likely drop for the first time in four years. forecasters credit an abundant oil supply and weak u.s. demand. it's estimated the price will drop to $3.44. still that would be the third highest average ever. but a drop of about 19 cents compared to last year, 2012. that would save an average family more than $200 a year. tony? thank you very much. still ahead, tim kaine's new life on capitol hill. the commonwealth's newest senator sits down with us. >> as we head to the break, here's a live look outside. not a bad start to the day. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. right now, it is 7:26. we'll be right back.   
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he may have been snubbed by oscar, but hours after ben affleck was left out of the nominations, he won best director for "argo" at the critic es choice movie awards and won best picture.
7:30 am
daniel day lewis took home the actor award for lincoln. and jessica chastain won for "zero dark 30". >> i got to see a lot of movies. >> i want to see "beast of the southern wild." >> i never heard of it and then -- >> i don't really know what it's about. >> katrina. i think it's about katrina and this breakout actor, about 6 years old, probably couldn't read. >> nine now. >> that's great. the youngest ever to be nominated. >> fingers crossed. >> we're going to talk to kevin mccarthy in the next hour. >> new win at 9, what do you have to look forward to? >> well, we've had other young winners. >> tatum o'neal. >> great example, tony. [ laughter ] >> reagan national in the 30s. 34 this morning leonardtown. we've got places in the area
7:31 am
getting close to freezing. manassas, 30. 34 in culpeper. average daytime highs in the low to mid-40s. 43 in the city. we'll be about 50. more in the way of cloud cover, and eventually the rain showers moving in later this afternoon. bring along an umbrella. you can see it developing on our radar this morning in west virginia and pressing through the area i think by early afternoon. by early afternoon it will reach the ground. not going to be widespread heavy rain. but scattered showers out there during the course of your afternoon. most of the action here, most of the energy stays to our north and west. you can see it pulling rain showers up into ohio and the great lakes. this is a warm system as all the cold air for the time being remains to the west. just going to be liquid across the eastern seaboard. going to cloud up quickly here, and by 2:00 this afternoon, you can see the scattered nature of the showers.
7:32 am
we have scattered showers back in the forecast. will be with us tonight through the evening rush hour. 7:00, 8:00 tonight winding down. fog will develop tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon we'll get breaks, and we're in for the spring time temperatures saturday and sunday. get out the shorts. 51 today. mostly cloudy. showers back and forth later this afternoon. winds turn southerly tonight. showers continue early. and fog developing overnight. 44 the overnight low. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. by tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s. check out your sunday forecast, still upper 60s, mid- to upper 60s with sunshine. we keep the mild stuff around for early next week. cool it down next wednesday and thursday. let's do traffic. julie wright she's got the latest. good morning. >> tucker, good morning to you. it's been kind of busy heading into northeast washington. queens chapel, blocked off due to a water main break. on going repairs taking place
7:33 am
as we speak. the crash we had southbound kenilworth and pennsylvania has cleared. average speed from the d.c. line headed to pennsylvania avenue dropped down to 12 miles per hour. let's continue with the cameras. outer loop of the beltway tied up leaving 95 college park headed for georgia avenue. earlier incident cleared. traffic flows in laurel. slow traffic on 95 approaching the beltway. lanes are open now on 50 traveling in from buoy. 66looking better leaving fair oaks towards 123 with an earlier incident moved to the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you so much. new lawmakers have been sworn in and are now settling into their new jobs on capitol hill. virginia democratic senator tim kaine now represents the commonwealth and he's back to offer insight on his legislative plans. good morning, senator. >> allison, it's great to be
7:34 am
back. thank you. >> i keep wanting to say citizen cain. >> i keep changing titles. i've been on the job eight days. >> let me ask you, though, with this new role, what is it like now stepping into these shoes? have you had time to reflect? >> it's a mixture of feelings. last thursday was the swearing in, and the history of the institution, some of the virginiaens who have held the senate seat, my seat has been held by president monroe, by president john tyler. it was really amazing. and jim webb is such a wonderful person and a wonderful senator, replacing him is big shoes to fill. i'm excited about the opportunity. >> did he offer you any words of wisdom? >> plenty, plenty of words of wisdom. some i can repeat. he was helpful during the campaign. pick a few things and focus. don't spread yourself too thin. i think that's good advice. he had a couple of very important priorities he pursued
7:35 am
and i'm going to try to narrow mine as well. >> what are the big issues you hope to tackle? >> i've been fortunate to be given committee assignments that i'm excited about. armed services, virginia's state connected to the military by history, and also by who lives in virginia now. vets, guard reserves. and i have a special passion for people who are enlisted when they leave the armed services they shouldn't go -- shouldn't have an unemployment rate higher than the national average. working on that issue, the transition back to civilian life is something i'm passionate about. i'm on the foreign relations committee. we're going to have hearings on the nominations of senator hagel for defense, and senator kerry for state. i'll take those seriously. i was a missionary in honduras and i'm passionate about the
7:36 am
americas. i want to bring us closer together. we need to do a lot of work on the budget. i was governor at a tough time. i had -- i left office with a smaller budget general fund budget than what i started. i had to make painful spending decisions, but i learned how to do them. there is a way to cut spending where you don't have to shred the safety debt or endanger the economy. we have to find reasonable spending cuts to avoid the unreasonable sequestration. i'm on the budget committee, my third committee, and we'll be working on that out of the gate. >> i don't know how you'll find time in the day to do else but budget. >> that will be big. >> facing this debt ceiling coming up in february. we just backed away, though inches away from the fiscal cliff. do you feel like this is the biggest issue that's facing americans now? >> it is. it's a combined issue. we were talking on break before we started, it's a little bit about fiscal budget, and that's
7:37 am
usually important, but it's also a little bit about us showing the american public we can work together. because any of the issues we're going to talk about, whether veterans unemployment or fiscal involve democrats and republicans, house and senate, congress and the president, being able to work together. i was a mayor of a diverse city. i was governor with two republican houses. you know, i had to learn, even amidst disagreement, let's keep the communication and relationship going. and you might find something you agree on tomorrow. my perception thus far, while it's largely been positive in the two months since i've been elected, there's a lot of relationship building stuff that needs to be done better. my hope is with 15 new senators out of a body of 100, that could rescramble the equation and open windows, maybe fresh air and give us an opportunity to really work on the relationship building that is a precondition to solving these important issues. >> there was a statement yesterday on gun control.
7:38 am
this is so huge in our nation. it's protected by the constitution. >> yep. >> yet we see these horrible shootings, most recently of course california, really yesterday, but beyond that, these little kids in connecticut. >> yeah. >> what's your stance on this and do you really believe anything, a mountain can be moved in any way in this issue? >> i do, allison. i've been through a lot of painful experiences in this way with victims and family members. when i was elected to the city council in richmond our city had the second largest homicide rate in the united states. i went to too many funerals and victim families and support groups in church basements. when i was governor we had the horrible shooting at virginia tech and i'm still in close contact with many of the families in that tragedy. i learned you can take concrete steps to reduce gun violence and you should. now, all the steps we need to take aren't just about guns.
7:39 am
mental health hugely important. campus or school security protocols, hugely important. but some of the steps we took in richmond and in virginia and some of the steps we need to take now do involve guns. better background, record checks. there's no reason that nonpolice officer or military need combat weapons. there's no reason we need to let these killer magazines be sold. and these reasonable restrictions are supported by the gun owners that i know. they're completely consistent with the second amendment. some want to pitch a notion that the second amendment says you can have nuclear arms if you want to. that's not the case. just like the first amendment. we proudly proclaim our first amendment right to speech, but you can't slander somebody without a consequence. there are restrictions we accept. i'm a gun owner and i worked with others in virginia to amend our state constitution to constitutionally guarantee people the right to hunt. but i do believe there are meaningful things we can do to
7:40 am
reduce gun violence. >> before we let you go, we're talking about the fbi building sort of crumbling as it stands. >> yes. >> maryland and virginia, looking to bring that huge facility and the jobs and what have you into each state. you're interested in bringing the building to virginia? >> absolutely. the right answer is what's right for the fbi. i'm going to be passionate about virginia, and i expect folks from maryland will be passionate about maryland. but the right answer is what's right for the mission of the fbi. we think in virginia we've got good selling points on the table on that question, what's right for the fbi. huge kind of plurality of the fbi employees in virginia. we have significant fbi assets in virginia at quantico and manassas and having headquarters that's in close proximatity to the training centers and other fbi facilities makes a lot of sense from a cost standpoint. with the budget, we're dealing with rough budget issues.
7:41 am
i think we'll be able to put options on the table in virginia that make a lot of sense from a cost standpoint. we're going to make our best case, and i'm sure maryland will as well. all we want to happen, and yesterday i had a meeting with the northern virginia delegation, if it's a very objective process that looks at what is best for the fbi and its mission, we feel comfortable that the answer will be the right answer. >> senator tim kaine from virginia, you came in when you were running for this office and you're here again, and we appreciate it. >> i look forward to more. >> we'll be right back.
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it's your look at what is new and note worthy in the week ahead. it's your capitol run down for the week of january 14 #th. monday, the u.s. supreme court takes up boyer versus louisiana, looking at how death penalty cases were affected by louisiana delaying and paying for defendants lawyer. arguments begin at 10:00 a.m. tuesday, january 15th, the new members of the 113th congress will be in washington for a d.c. work week in advance of
7:45 am
monday's inaugural. the house will stay in through wednesday. on wednesday, january 16th, the national archives relegals rarely seen documents from past presidential inaugurals. that starts at 10:00 a.m. thursday, january 17th, america's mayors come to washington for the united states conference of mayors 81st meeting. starts at 9:00 a.m. friday, former cia analyst lisa curtis heads a panel looking at the way forward in afghanistan. it starts at 11:00 a.m. that's your capitol run down for the week of january 14th, 2013. you can find more on our web site and reach us on twitter. i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week. here's tucker with the latest on the weather. >> cool start to your day. temperatures later today about 50 or so. that's still above normal. after the recent warm air, some
7:46 am
people might be, not so warm. reagan national 39. we are trending towards warmer and warmer temperatures this weekend. still on track for a spring- like weekend, especially sunday with highs in the mid-60s. chicago, 52 degrees. that's the warmer air moving in and that will get in here later tonight and tomorrow. our next map, satellite and radar, shower activity moving in from the west. i think we'll be dry the next couple of hours. early afternoon, rain showers will move in. scattered, not raining every minute. will create shower activity here during the afternoon and early evening hours. and fog developing overnight as the warmer air moves in. we'll get some fog before the warmer temperatures move in. there's the bigger picture. most of the energy here stays to our north and west today. we're on the eastern edge of it. 58 tomorrow with partial sunshine after showers today. sunday still looks great. will be cloudy or generally cloudy, but with highs in the
7:47 am
mid- to upper 60s will feel great. monday about 60 degrees. >> thank you, tuck. >> let's find out what's happening with traffic. for that we go to julie wright. >> it's kind of busy now traveling out and about. westbound route 100 before you reach around el mills -- we'll pop up the cameras and show you what else is happening. outer loop slow from 95 to georgia. earlier incident cleared. southbound 270 below speed out of rockdale. delays past duke street towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. this next story might make you queasy if you're afraid of snakes. passengers on board a plane in australia were stunned to see a large python clinging to the
7:48 am
plane's wings. it stayed there for the entire two-hour flight. it kept pulling itself forward, but the wind pushed it back. unfortunately, it did not survive the trip to sidney. what a sight. >> all right. it 7:48 now on this friday morning. coming up next, how to dress for the big night on a budget, without breaking the bank. good morning, holly. >> reporter: you caught me when i'm in the dressing room. we're trying on designer dresses at half the cost in time for inauguration. it's me and my new best friends. we're checking out the newest pop shop and it has everything to do with getting you to be the belle of the ball. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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from politicos to party planners, people are gearing up for the main event of the season. the inauguration is about much more than a swearing in, it's also about fashion. >> with 10 days to go, how can you can a gown for the perfect price? >> how can i? >> holly morris has more. >> reporter: i don't think they have your size, tony. as luck would have it, they have mine. here is the answer to your question in terms of getting that perfect dress at just the right price in time for the inauguration. rent the runway. they have a popup show room that's going on here at the livingsocial building. we are not unleashing you here without an expert. and that's where my man george comes in. celebrity stylist, fashion expert. what about this little gown we've chosen? >> i love that. you look fabulous. let's go now.
7:53 am
>> reporter: i need a date. why do you think this look works for now? >> it's comfortable. it's stylish. it's a wonderful outline for you. then you can move. >> reporter: i can dance. >> you can dance. >> reporter: that's the thing. if you do go to the inauguration, you need to buy a dress that you can function in. >> listen, i want to, you know, you can have the receptions and look, but i want to go where you can get down. >> reporter: i got it! let's get the lowdown on the popup show room. how does it work? >> they're going to be here all weekend today, tomorrow, all weekend, and you can come in. they will treat you royally. the presidential treatment. you can pick, you can size. there will be stylists here to show you and to see what you want to wear. they have jewelry, all the things you need they'll have. >> reporter: how does it work in terms of renting? >> you can rent. how it usually works is that you can go online, you can look at the models, you can pick your size. you can order it. they can send one or two sizes.
7:54 am
you can go up or down, depending how much chicken you eat. they will send it to you for five dollars extra they will ensure it so you don't have to worry about the cleaning, if somebody bumps into you. >> reporter: that's full service. we'll talk more about the process, but let's show our wonderful models. here's our first model, this is lacy. >> wow. she's in the green. this dress retails for $3,000. >> reporter: get out of town! >> we have it for $400. >> reporter: let's be honest, you only want to wear it once. >> you'll be photographed, go to other events. >> reporter: how do you like this dress? >> comfortable. >> reporter: really? that's not the first word i would have thought. >> and the back is comfortable. >> reporter: the lace is gorgeous so you feel gorgeous.
7:55 am
no better duet than that there. let's bring out our next model. our next model is -- >> wow, she's in a maroon nicole miller. >> reporter: oh. >> this retails for $550. you can get it for $100. >> reporter: a hundred bucks. how do you feel? >> great. like a million bucks. >> reporter: and only costs a hundred. how about that? in terms of a young person in rent the runway, the concept is pretty great. >> i've used it before. it's fantastic. >> reporter: has anyone else shown up in your dress? >> no, i've never had that happen before. >> reporter: good. too many options. our final model is allison. >> allison is in a blue. retails for $650. you can have it for $100. doesn't she look adorable? >> reporter: she does look adorable. you don't need to feel like you have to wear long. >> you don't have to wear long.
7:56 am
there are many cocktail receptions, many things that aren't so formal. there will be a lot of different parties going on in washington, so you can do a little short dress. >> reporter: how are we feeling in this? >> fun and flirty, and elegant. >> reporter: she thought about is that description. that was very good. all three come back, so we can see all of you. if you were going to pick one de descriptive word what would it be? >> glamour. >> reporter: glamor., we have a link to rent the runway and living social, their popup show room through the weekend. next hour, george and i are going to talk a little bit about what the first lady might be wearing. back to you. >> beautiful gowns. >> love it. >> and i love yours, holly. still ahead, 100 years of sisterhood. we'll preview the big party
7:57 am
taking place in d.c. this week in celebration of the big event. >> one of the most anticipated movies of the year hits the big screen in d.c. we'll talk to movie reviewer kevin mccarthy about best picture nominee "zero dark 30". it's 7:57. we'll be right back. share everything.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
flu fears. the virus is spreading across the country, infecting thousands. now here in d.c. supplies of the flu shot are running low. what you need to know. >> gun control crusade. a deadline is set for proposals, but the nra is crying foul. this morning, their harsh words for the obama administration. >> a major milestone, the delta sigma theta sorority turns 100 years old. how they're planning to celebrate in d.c. we'll have firsthand knowledge on that. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm alison seymour. normally i try to wear green on
8:01 am
fridays. today i had to wear crimson and cream. my sorority. >> big deal. good for you. >> it's a big deal. we'll talk later this hour. >> good morning. rain jackets. umbrellas. i don't know if we need a full jacket. scattered showers this afternoon. >> what will we need later today? >> later today? umbrella. >> just an umbrella. >> galoshes. do they call them that anymore? >> i don't think so. >> today cloud cover and with rain showers moving in. high near 50, but will feel cooler than that. just probably want to bring a jacket as well. 38 at dulles. i can't encourage shorts today. i can this weekend. mid- to upper 60s by sunday. clouds moving in and eventually
8:02 am
the showers will be here, too. once the rain gets through here later this afternoon and tonight we'll see fog develop overnight and that will be your marker that the warmer temperatures are trying to move in. i'll have more on the weekend forecast. today, 50 with afternoon showers. a light jacket and an umbrella a necessity. >> no rain boots, all right. thank you. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's head over to julie wright for a look at your ontime traffic. >> inbound new york avenue, bladensburg road, no problems. 395 heading to the freeway, lanes are open. 295 congested to the inbound 11th street bridge. kenilworth avenue trying to
8:03 am
recoup from an accident. traveling westbound route 100, the accident occurred before arundel mills boulevard it's on the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. flu season is sweeping the nation, and now the rush is on to get a flu shot. >> the demand is so large that many pharmacies and doctor's offices in our area have run out of the vaccine. sherri ly is live with more on this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. people are really scrambling to get that flu vaccine around d.c., like much of the country, in maryland, d.c., and virginia. they're seeing a widespread number of cases. some doctors and pharmacies tell us they are running short of the vaccine, if they have it at all. in d.c. the city has more than 300 confirmed flu cases, triple the number of all the cases
8:04 am
last season. maryland and virginia are seeing widespread levels, too. cases began showing up in this area back in october and now the flu is spreading fast. that's caused a run on the vaccine. we found people going to three and four places before being able to find it. already, 128 million doses have been shipped out nationwide. but that's 95% of the supply made this year. at a number of cvs pharmacies they were out, but the minute clinic inside the store had vaccines available. some health care providers tell us they are expecting to get more vaccine in the next few days, but others aren't sure if they'll get more at all. with d.c., maryland, and virginia all seeing an unusually high number of cases so far, we're told the shortages could get worse. at places where the vaccine is not available, a lot of places are saying, look, you're just
8:05 am
going to have to check back. the numbers are already bad, we know that. the cdc is expected to release new numbers today. that's the latest here at washington hospital center. back to you. >> sherri, thank you. we have additional breaking news this morning. the federal aviation administration has ordered a review of the new boeing 787. this news comes after a fire ignited monday in an axillar power unit of an empty plane. the 787 dreamliner is the most advanced plane ever from boeing. other top stories this morning, police are searching for a man who escaped the washington hospital in montgomery county wednesday night. investigators say he suffers from paranoia, suicidal and a
8:06 am
history of violence. he's known to carry weapons. police say if you see him, do not approach him. a veteran d.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl pleads not guilty. palmer was the director of a church choir in southeast washington at the time of the alleged abuse. according to a court affidavit, the woman accusing him says palmer abused her two years inside the church and other places in and around d.c. she said it started in 2004. the judge has palmer held pending a preliminary hearing tuesday. the man accused of shooting into the pentagon and other military targets is scheduled to be sentenced today. lawyers want his plea deal reviewed because he's since been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. he accepted a plea deal last year in exchange for a 25-year prison sentence. allison, we're learning more about yesterday's high
8:07 am
school shooting in california. the sheriff in taft, california says the 16-year-old who shot a classmate with a handgun planned the attack. he also says the shooter told investigators he was bullied by a victim and another student. the shooting ended when a teacher talked the teen into putting down his shotgun. the wounded student is in critical, but stable condition this morning. meanwhile, after a meeting at the white house yesterday, the nra came out with a harsh statement criticizing vice president joe biden. the gun lobby is rejecting plans to limit ammunition and is opposing a ban on assault weapons. the nra said the vice president made it clear that the president made up his mind on those issues. biden confirmed he wants background checks for every gun purchased without exception. >> universal background checks. not just close the gun show loophole, but total universal background checks, including private sales. >> biden also mentioned a limit
8:08 am
on high capacity magazines. he says he will have his recommendations to president obama by tuesday. there is a new poll on how people in virginia feel. most support background checks at gun shows and also favor putting armed police at schools. the poll also found that half of those in the survey say guns protect people from criminals. 41% say guns put them at more risk. it is the first poll about guns in virginia since the sandy hook shooting in connecticut last month. turning his attention to afghanistan, the president will meet with president karzai today to discuss the future of u.s. involvement in the country. u.s. troops are supposed to withdraw next year, but how many, if any, will stay behind is unclear. in meetings with the defense secretary earlier this week, president karzai said his nation is on the verge of
8:09 am
providing its own security. allison? thanks, tony. an update on rg3. not only was robert griffin's lcl and acl worked on, but he also had a meniscus tear repaired as well. the nfl player's association may launch an investigation into the handling of his injuries. if they go forward, doctors will be brought in to see if the redskins followed the recommendations of the medical staff. the union has called for the redskins to improve conditions of the field, fed ex field. we saw even before the game started, it's like messy. the conditions. >> yeah. a lot of criticism about the field out there. >> all right. maybe something will get done. inaugural changes. still ahead, the pastor set to give the benediction suddenly pulls out. why an old sermon is to blame. >> trapped for days, a group of killer whales surrounded by
8:10 am
ice. how a canadian town helped to free them. we're going to see if they're completely out of the woods now. time now, 8:09. fox5 morning news back in a moment.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
back now with new developments in the search for a family of killer whales trapped in canada's hudson bay. crews say they can no longer see the whales after some of the ice broke away and allowed the whales to swim away. officials say shifting wind caused the ice to break and free that family of whales. they had been trapped since wednesday. rescuers say they are on standby if the whales return or are seen again. we hope they swam away. >> yep. and they're fine. tucker barnes standing by with something i have missed for the last few days. the cute factor of the day. >> thank you. time for my first 5 photo of the day. tony, this is a picture of mikey.
8:14 am
>> awww! >> mikey is bundled up. >> how cute. >> as a little teddy bear. >> how sweet. that is so cute! >> apparently headed to the national mall for the first time and of course, being in the winter time, want to stay warm. >> sure. i love these, what they do with the coats and wraps and that stuff. little animals, flowers, or whatever. >> so precious. >> he's got growing to do to fill out his outfit. >> yeah. >> that's a sweet baby face. >> we love it. great smile, too. to send your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. mikey, we hope you had fun at the national mall. wonder what your first museum is when you're little, probably air and space museum. >> yeah. >> that's the first i remember. >> maybe the children's museum. >> or maybe the national archives, allison. 40degrees now in washington. check out that -- the warmer
8:15 am
air. see the oranges to our south and west? atlanta 62. nashville, 63. 69 in tampa. guess where that warmer weather is headed? our direction here. not so much today. but later tonight and tomorrow, particularly on sunday, our temperatures are going to surge into the upper 50s and mid-60s around here by sunday afternoon. meanwhile, out to the west it's just the opposite. they're talking record cold in california. possibility of freezing temperatures down to san diego. yeah. los angeles and san diego the next couple of mornings concerned about the crops out there. daytime temperature tomorrow in denver forecast to only be 20 degrees for that raven/broncos game tomorrow afternoon. showers moving in, cloud cover and scattered showers by this afternoon, will be with us through the early evening and fog overnight. fog is letting you know warmer air is on the way. should be into the 50s with at least sunshine tomorrow afternoon. mid-60s on sunday. monday still on the mild side.
8:16 am
we'll cool it down for the winter weather lovers by the end of next week. colder pattern for the end of january here. let's do traffic. julie wright has your latest. we're going dancing, right? >> yes. i have these special shoes so when tucker steps on my feet it won't hurt. >> oh, good. >> and i have to bring my wallet, because we know tucker won't pay. we've got delays continuing from new hampshire avenue through silver springs. no issues reported at this time. lanes open traveling from bwi marshall to the capital beltway. inbound 50 cleared through buoy. on the brakes leaving 410 out of river dale continuing northeast. across the american legion bridge leaving montgomery county towards fairfax lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway clear from the toll road headed to the 270 spur. traveling inbound on the toll road, light traffic volume from
8:17 am
28. 395 leaving the beltway, below speed approaching duke street. heavy volume on 295 continues to the inbound 11th street bridge. earlier problem cleared. kenilworth avenue and eastern, heavy volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama shuffling his cabinet, gearing up for tough questions from the senate over his nominee for defense, state and cia. it's the big topic this sunday, and chris wallace joins us with a preview. good friday morning, chris. >> good morning, allison. >> you're talking about the picks and maybe the tough road ahead. >> yeah. i think the one that's got the toughest road, i think there's criticism of jack lew and john brennan, but also i think especially for chuck hagel as secretary of defense. interestingly enough, he was a former republican senator, and
8:18 am
i think he thought he'd get bipartisan support. hagel didn't make a lot of friends among republicans because he was well to the left of them on a lot of foreign policy issues. opposed the troop surge in iraq, and opposed get tough measures against iran. a lot of leading republican senators don't like him. and some top democrats who are at least on the fence about him, because he took -- he made a statement about gays that they didn't like several years back. and also he has not been an unquestioned supporter for israel. i think hagel has the toughest road to go. we'll be talking to two key senators about that and the fight over gun control, which is starting to pick up in the capital. kelly ayotte, rising republican star, and senator from connecticut, blumenthal. >> looks like john kerry is the one that might sail through easier than the other two?
8:19 am
>> i think kerry will have no problem at all. look, everything has things in their record people are going to pick at, and that's why they have these hearings. kerry will sail through. jack lew will sail through. brennan i think will get a few questions, but i suspect will get through. hagel will be the interesting fight. >> on the gun control issue, the nra has come out with a statement, i won't say condemning, that's a strong word, but coming out against the administration here. you will be talking about it. it seems to me, we talked with senator tim kaine from virginia, and is a volatile issue in our country. but you'll be talking whether leeway can be made. >> that's right. two things are coming out. joe biden has been having this task force, he met with the nra yesterday. he's met with gun right supporters, pro gun control people. and he's going to come out on tuesday with his proposals. some of it will be executive
8:20 am
action. that's only on the margins. there are a few things the president can do by himself, tougher enforcement, better sharing of information for background checks. the big things like banning assault weapons or restricting the size of these magazines, high capacity magazines, some of which hold 30 rounds or 100 rounds, that has to be done through legislation. it was clear after the meeting yesterday that the nra is going to put everything they've got, and they've got a lot of political clout and millions of supporters, they're going to put everything they've got into opposing the administration's efforts. on the other hand, the president and administration will spend their capital on trying to get this through. >> thanks, chris. we'll be watching sunday. you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 right after fox 5 morning news. tony? all right, allison. pardon me. new mortgage rules are rolling out. coming up, the new guidelines issued and what it means for those looking to buy. >> plus, inaugural fashion for less. holly morris will show us how
8:21 am
to dress to impress without breaking the bank. it is 8:20. fox5 morning news is back in just a moment.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:23. more than a dozen people were injured following this bus crash in new jersey yesterday. a commuter bus slammed into a
8:24 am
mini school bus from behind. the school bus was carrying two adults when it flipped on its side. the commuter bus trapped into a tree. two of those hurt are in serious condition. the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more inside a movie theater last summer will stand trial. last night a judge ruled there is enough evidence to send james holmes to trial. he is set to be arraigned today, but his defense lawyers have filed paperwork saying holmes is not ready enter a plea. new mortgage lending rules go in effect today. lenders will face bans on the risky lending only and the no document loans that helped fuel the housing crisis. the inaugural committee has to fine another pastor to give the benediction.
8:25 am
the pastor who was supposed to give it pulled out yesterday. the reverend louie giglio apparently gave a sermon in the 90s saying christians need to respond to the aggressive agenda of some in the gay community. he now says his participation in the inauguration would cause a distraction. calling him loopy lew. his signature made headlines. coming up, the newly nominated treasury secretary says he'll make a change. >> i bet somebody who studies hand signatures would have a field day. droid dna augmentation initiated.
8:26 am
vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc.
8:27 am
hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
8:28 am
president obama's choice to be treasury secretary says he
8:29 am
is going to change his signature. jack lew has been mocked for his loopy signature. even president obama poked fun at it during the formal announcement yesterday. he joked he nearly rejected the nomination because it's not legible, his signature. the nomination means his signature will be added to the dollar bill. so it becomes important. >> i think that's the issue. were it not going on the dollar bill, people would say, it's his signature. >> tim geithner also changed his signature a bit, because it was not the best. >> might want to practice a few times. >> and there it is. i say it's unique and hard to copy and as long as i have some of those signatures in my wallet, i'll make it. >> i think it would be easy to copy. >> you think so? >> his signature. you've been showing it the past couple of days? >> yeah, been talking about it. >> there it is. plus, it's just laziness,
8:30 am
really. that doesn't say jacob lew. >> the j you can see in the beginning. >> it says he's very busy. >> we'll get an expert. >> i would love to do that. probably creative and good with numbers. >> good with money. >> that would be important. >> we're looking, you know, the weekend looking up temperature- wise. rain showers moving in later this afternoon. had a few sprinkles reported early this morning. be ready for showers later today. 40 in washington. 37 in annapolis. 37 learn ard town. 30degrees in manassas. here's the deal with today, highs in the upper 40s to about 50. won't feel as warm as yesterday, even though daytime temperatures will be well above normal because of the cloud cover and eventually rain showers moving in. you can see not too far to the west, and i don't think we'll see much in the way of sun. mostly cloudy afternoon with scattered showers developing. good news, if you don't want the rain showers, much of this energy staying to our north and
8:31 am
west. heaviest rain into ohio. warm front will be sliding through, giving us a decent chance of showers any time after about noon, through 8:00, 9:00 tonight. futurecast, i'll put it into motion, 2:00, notice the rain shower activity is scattered in nature. won't be raining all afternoon long. we'll have scattered showers around from time to time. 7:00tonight, through the evening rush scattered showers. overnight some fog will develop. that's the warmer air trying to work in. tomorrow morning when you get up, likely fog out there, and we'll get breaks in the clouds during the course of the day tomorrow, with highs in the upper 50s to about 60. still hanging in there for the spring time temperatures, by sunday, mid- to upper 60s. a few of us could get close to 70 sunday. there's your accuweather seven- day forecast, gradual cool down by thursday. highs only in the 40s. decided turn for colder weather
8:32 am
into next weekend and inauguration the following week. definitely got colder weather here towards the end of the month. that's weather. that's what i know about. allison, tony, back to you. tucker, thank you very much. new oscar nominee "zero dark 30" goes into wide release today. the other new offering is the drama "gangster squad." kevin mccarthy is coming to us live from los angeles, because last night he attended the critics choice awards. good morning, kev in. >> good to see you, man. >> have you gone to bed yet or just stayed up to do this? >> three hours of sleep. i was responsible last night. i left the awards show. i did have interesting stories from that show. but i did get sleep. >> i want to hear the stories, but first let's talk about the movies. "zero dark 30", tell me about this film.
8:33 am
>> what a film this is. katherine bigelow didn't get the nomination for best director. i cannot believe it. it's a four and a half out of five. incredible film. it's gaining controversy, obviously. the cia is saying torture was not the main element that got us to find osama bin laden. it's just a movie. it's a 10-year period into a two and a half hour film. in that case you're going to have artistic liberties. incredible action film. the last 40 minutes when they storm the compound is one of the most incredible things i've seen. they shoot it at night. it's dark. it looks insane. jessica chastain, who plays the lead, she'll win for best actress, and she has the biggest character of the year. see it in theaters. it was was in new york and l.a. it's now nationwide. four and a half out of five. >> all right, very good. "gangster squad," the other big release this weekend. it was controversial, because
8:34 am
they had to change a scene after the shootings at that theater in colorado. tell me your thoughts on this one. >> right. there was a scene initially in the movie where four men walk into a theater and open up fire on the crowd. you cannot have a scene like that in a movie theater anymore, ever. so they had to delete the scene obviously and reshoot another sequence in august, pushed the movie back from a september release date to january. it's the story about the l.a. p.d. detective who went after politic e cohen played -- mickey cohen played by sean penn. it's a little bit quirky. penn is definitely channeling the robert deniro element from "the untouchable." it's a fun movie. but they waste the talent of emma stone. she is so one dimensional in the film. not her fault, it's the writing. go see a matinee, don't pay the full price. three and a half out of five. worth seeing in theaters. >> your thoughts quickly on the
8:35 am
oscar nominations, you mentioned katherine bigelow not being nominated for director. >> right. >> what's the guy's name from argo? >> ben >> ben affleck. >> do they have to broaden the director nominees as well? >> that's my point. i think that if they're going to nominate nine movies, you can not giver argo a best picture nomination and not nominate the guy who created it. that's ridiculous for me. i think these are the worst nominees i've seen in a long time. i was happy with the "django unchained," but you cannot snub bigelow, leonardo dicaprio never been awarded. an actor from a james bond film never nominated and should be nominated. he was incredible. i was upset with the nominees yesterday. i think they're going to go
8:36 am
with the safe choice and give it to "lincoln." they always go safe, it's the oscars every year. i was not happy this year. >> tell me about the critics choice award. fun moments, i understand? >> lauren and i, my girlfriend and i were there last night. it was the most incredible experience of my life. i'm sitting there geeking out with robert de nero for a minute. one of the craziest moments was daniel day-lewis, i'm like, i walk up to this guy, he looks just like lincoln in real life, by the way. i walk up to him. we have a picture of me talking to him. he's genuinely laughing. and lauren and i were talking to the stars, jennifer lawrence. the best part the night, and this geeked me out, joss weeden was at the after party dancing on the floor by himself. there's a picture of lauren and
8:37 am
i, we walked up and basically break dance with him for like 10 minutes. >> my goodness. >> they directed the avengers. incredible night. we had a great time. met superman. incredible experience. i'm a voting member, so i got to vote, and i voted for argo and it won best picture last night. and ben affleck won the best director award. >> pictures are great. good to see you. have fun and see you when you get back. give us your web site. >> love you guys. >> web site. >> >> thank you, kevin. good to see you. >> what a cool life. >> i'm so leap for him. >> i am, too. >> things are going well. that's great. the miss america pageant is tomorrow. and win or lose, it will be a life changing event for the contestant representing the district. we'll have more on that next. >> plus, a local radio station has just changed its call
8:38 am
letters to show support for the redskins' injured quarterback. details in just a moment. now, it's 8:37.
8:39 am
8:40 am
radio station wpgc wants robert griffin iii to know he's got their support.
8:41 am
at 8:00 there morning the station changed its call letters to wrg3. the change will be in effect all weekend, so it's temporary. fans can call in to share their words for the star as he recovers from knee surgery. this is the first time in the station's history it's changed its call letters. it is temporary. tomorrow night a new miss america will be crowned and her life will change. 24-year-old ellen rose plans to have a double mass text me. >> a personal decision. >> right, wish her well. before we get to the inauguration, the capital is
8:42 am
hosting another big party. >> oh. >> bring it out. >> i was supposed to wear my sweaters today. we're talking about the celebration for delta sigma theta sorority incorporated. it's happening this weekend, and i'm all dressed now. i will chat with a fellow sorror, past sorority sisters. that's coming up next. holly, i have on my fashion choice. let me see what you are wearing now. >> reporter: this is what i'm wearing, thanks to our viewer yvonne harris. from rent the runway you can get it for 70 bucks. they have a pop up show here where we are live and where we you. how you can take advantage of
8:43 am
it live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. share everything.
8:44 am
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8:45 am
now get a lucid by lg, free. this year marks the 100th
8:46 am
anniversary of the delta sigma theta sorority. they're celebrating this weekend in washington. joining us to talk about this event is gwen boyd. she is the 22nd president of the sorority. it's wonderful to see you. >> it's wonderful to see you and be back. >> i think when i came back to d.c. is when you were in office. >> yes. >> so i had the pleasure of meeting you then. >> yes. >> great to see you, and especially on this occasion. >> absolutely, because you were hostess for our 90th celebration. >> time has been like that. >> just like that. we're 100. >> deltas have basically taken over downtown washington, d.c. and the surrounding suburbs. >> absolutely. we're turning the city red and white all weekend. >> red and white. it's sort of hard for me to do the interview, because it feels like inside baseball. let me start from the beginning. the organization was founded coming up this weekend, sunday, on the 13th, here at howard university.
8:47 am
>> yes. >> tell us about that. >> yes, on january 13th, 1913, at howard university, 22 dynamic women decided they wanted to start a movement, a movement for public service, a movement for giving back, a movement for economic empowerment, academic excellence, and they called that movement delta sigma theta. >> we saw a picture there. through the decades sorors that was a picture in the 20s. young dorothy height. >> who served for 10 years as our national president. she was our tenth national president. >> when you think about sororities, you think more so, you know, partying on campus and what have you. but delta is different from that. >> very different. >> can you explain why? >> we're not a sorority for social events. part of our mission is public service. we are a public service
8:48 am
sorority. we're here to understand how we can use our collective energy, intellect, enthusiasm to change the communities where we are, to make them better. to be a blessing to every community where we serve. so the stereotypes about parties and all the things that are on television about what sororities and fraternities do is a misnomer. we're 300,000 women strong around the world who have been initiated in the sorority. we came because of the values we stand for, the mission statement of public service and sharing our gift and talents with the world, being mentors to young women. being role models for other women. reaching out, back and reaching forward as well. >> this has been through the ages, active in the women's suffrage movement and civil rights movement. >> yes. >> from the beginning. >> yes, we are founded on january 13, 1913 at howard, and the first act of the founders
8:49 am
was to participate in the suffrage march, in march of 1913. >> we're showing here prominent deltas through the years, as we mark this centennial event. >> so many who have been a part of our organization. they've gone on of course, of course, to do great things in their life. they started out with us. barbara jordan ran for financial secretary of the sorority before she became famous. >> right. moving forward here, what do you see as the main mission? you have this wonderful grassroots movement. >> right. >> with women who are dedicated to making our communities better, the community at large better. what do you see moving forward now? >> as we celebrate, because we're having a myriad of events this year. >> yeah. >> started with the float in the rose bowl parade, where
8:50 am
we're not only celebrating history, but making history at the same time, by being the first black organization to have a float in the rose parade. this week we're celebrating our founders. we're doing a reenactment of the suffrage march, where it's going to be a women's movement, because we invited other organizations who participated back 100 years ago. and then our convention in july. but we see ourselves moving forward in the same vein as we have for the past 100 years. just turning it in a different direction. using the tools of this generation, and the generations to come, to make sure we understand that we stay on mission. our mission is public service. we are a sisterhood called to serve. here we're to transform lives, impact communities and we will continue to always do that, because as we bring in new members, we make sure they understand why they're coming in and they stay focused on what we are to do. we're glad to hand off to the next generation. >> there are many events, too many to go through.
8:51 am
but there are open events, too. for that information we'll link what we can on our web site, you know, when i joined back in 1986, i didn't really understand the impact and what it meant. i have every day since understood my responsibility. and i appreciate you coming on today. >> it was my pleasure. thank you so much. >> happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary. thank you. >> this is gwen boyd of course. 100 years old this weekend. >> amazing, that's great. thank you, ladies. president obama is holding only two official balls this time around. they are expected to attract about 40,000 people. if you're going to one of those, or an unofficial ball, holly morris is getting you ready. she's checking out fashions this morning live in northwest. oh, another pretty dress. hey, holly. >> reporter: do you recognize this dress by chance, tony? >> oh, boy. did michelle obama wear that? >> reporter: yes!
8:52 am
that's exactly right. this is the exact dress she wore when she gave her speech at the democratic convention. you can rent it for $75. and that is the beauty of rent the runway, which has a popup show room here at the living social building where we are live and where george worrel is joining us, celebrity stylist. when you have so many choices -- why was this a wonderful choice for the first lady? >> because it flowed, accentuated her shape. it made her look fabulous. was a beautiful color when she walked out, you were like, wow. make-up, her hair. her arms. >> reporter: i know. i feel like i should flex wearing this dress. >> you look beautiful. she's going to make her speech, but we were like, wow, how she looked. she was well groomed. >> reporter: everyone was wowed four years ago at the inauguration when michelle obama came out. we have pictures here of her
8:53 am
and the president. why was this so wonderful for her and what do you think she needs to go for this time? >> well, it flowed nicely. it fitted well. was a beautiful color. went with her skin color. and it's inner, outer and your clothing. you know she felt wonderful about herself and she was well groomed. the last was the dress, which was beautiful. >> reporter: we have wonderful pictures of the second lady, jill biden. i think she is a gorgeous woman, and she also very much carries off her look well. >> her look well. and usually her hair is down a little flatter and was a little puffed, poofed, which made it really nice. she and the vice president are a wonderful couple. it's a mixture. it's called style. >> reporter: do you think they're going to go with the same this time around or something different? >> we don't know. we don't know. >> reporter: that's why it's exciting. >> when you hear somebody say, i know what they're going to wear, you're lying. >> reporter: we won't know when
8:54 am
they come out. >> that's the wonderful surprise. when you're going out with your husband, sometimes you don't want to surprise him? >> reporter: absolutely, absolutely. here's what we do know. we do know there are wonderful options here at the rent the runway popup shop. we're going to talk a little bit about picking the right outfit for your shape. allison, come out here. let's see allison's look. talk about this. >> oh, my god, she looks brilliant in this navy gown. it retails at $1,600. you can get it for $200. >> reporter: $1,600. rent it for $200. so i wanted to ask, allison, we all have our things we like about ourselves and don't like. your biggest challenge when finding a dress? >> definitely my height. >> reporter: so why do you like this one and think it works? >> i feel like it makes me feel long and lean and tall, and just elegant. >> reporter: i feel like you're getting taller. i don't know why. you look gorgeous.
8:55 am
let's get our next model out here. liz. >> liz is in a black gown. it's lace. it retails for $995. guess what? $175, and she's wearing it with the accessories. she's beautiful. >> reporter: why do you think this works for her body type so well? >> because she has the beyonce look going on here. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. >> it's perfect for her. it fits her shape. she has a little bit of jewelry at the top. she doesn't need rings or anything. >> reporter: liz, i love the -- oh, yeah, here's my beyonce right there. why did you like this? >> because it accentuates the hour glass. >> reporter: very good. last but not least, let's bring in lacy here and talk about her dress. >> kate spade. retails at $498. and you can get it for $85. >> reporter: we're going to -- that's wonderful. we're going to talk more about what you can get here at living social and the rent the runway
8:56 am
popup shop in our next hour. meanwhile, more fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us.   [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
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good friday morning. i'm alison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. right now at 9:00, as the gun control debate rages, vice president joe biden plans to sit down with video makers. plus, hear what senator tim kaine has to say about the battle. >> an amazing story this morning. a mother learns her son who was kidnapped nearly two decades ago is still alive. find out how police found him. >> also, word of a possible flu epidemic is spreading. when should you see a doctor and why is there a vaccine shortage? sherri ly is live

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